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Culligan Salt Free Solution


  • No saline discharge in your community
  • Always know you are getting soft water in your home
  • Requires no drain and no electricity
  • Flexible and convenient delivery of fresh tanks
  • Perfect solution for communities with brine or saline discharge limitations
  • Provides shinier and softer hair, brighter clothes, spotless glassware and cleaner skin
  • Extends the life of all of your household appliances by stopping the effects of corrosion
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Culligan Salt Free Solution

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Product Overview

Your local Culligan Man® simply delivers and exchanges a tank at your home on a regular schedule that is convenient for you. Regeneration takes place at Culligan, so there’s no salt or discharge at your home and in your community.

Hard water is the result of mineral buildup in your city or well water, most commonly from calcium and lime. Hard water can reduce the quality of water in your home and may also be driving up your water bills, cleaning costs and more. The signs of hard water are not always obvious, but can have detrimental effects on your home. Hard water can cause corrosive build of scale from mineral deposits in your pipes. Over time, your pipes can clog, water flow can diminish and water pressure will be reduced. Your local Culligan water expert offers range of water softener products that fits your needs, wallet and for every size of household.

HE Softener Vs. Portable Exchange

High Efficiency Softener

  • Up to 46% less water and salt than traditional softenerns
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Fully programmable controls
  • Control the feel of your water
  • Automatic adjustments to water conditions and usage

Portable Exchange

  • No water discharge
  • No heavy salt bags to buy or carry
  • No maintenance or service
  • Dependable Culligan Man® service
  • Approved alternative to all restricted automatic softeners

Frequently Asked Questions

Stockton Culligan offers pricing based on your needs and budget. Pricing also would reflect the number of visits to the home. Please fill out a Get Pricing form and Stockton Culligan will contact you to give you an accurate pricing details.

This would depend on the amount of people living in your home and the hardness of your water.

Typically the tanks are placed in the garage or on the side of the house. Most of the time the Culligan technicians have access through: gate, garage opener, PIN, etc.

We only rent our Portable Exchange systems.

No water is wasted with our system. All federal, state and local laws are adhered to in disposal of all discharge.
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